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My name is Geoff McDonald and I am the opal museum curator and also in charge of the jewellery quality & consistency. We are the largest opal shop in Brisbane and we’re proud of our museum next door; everyone who works here is passionate about this amazing stone. Now firstly, before you walk down the pathway towards discovering your perfect opal, you need to know one thing, opals do have one small issue and that is their hardness – it’s hard, but not indestructible. It's a true "precious" gemstone & needs to be looked after, therefore…

1. Do you best to avoid long exposure to direct hot sunlight,
2. Avoid scratching and
3. Whatever you do don’t drop it on tiles!

So look after your opal and you like millions of people around the world you too will come to cherish truly special gemstone...

Opals can be incredibly captivating! It has the ability to draw your awareness away from the thinking mind and into the present moment - we call this feature the “Wow! Factor” (the bigger the “Wow! Factor” the better the opal); A quality precious opal will make you feel the same as looking at a priceless piece of art; it has the ability to give you a pure sense of contentment.

We like comparing opals to artwork because that’s what opals really are, tiny incredible paintings painted by nature. And finally opals are also fantastically varying; when you select your opal, know that it’s yours and yours alone.

Our motto for customer service in our shop/website is… "To help you discover an opal that is perfect for you. A thing of beauty that you'll love to wear and wear often." If you would like to find out a bit more "about us" click here.

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